Sunday, March 4, 2007

Youngstown Steel Mill Engineering Drawing CDs Available

The Tod Engine Foundation has a series of CD ROMs available which contain digitized engineering drawings of Youngstown district steel mills. The drawings are scanned in PDF format and are incredibly detailed. These are the actual plans used when these mills were built.

  1. YS&T Campbell Works Blast Furnace Plant. Engineering drawings and photos of the Campbell Works blast furnace plant specifically in the 1905 through 1930 era.
  2. YS&T Brier Hill Works Rolling Mills CD. Engineering Drawings of the Brier Hill rolling mills including the blooming mill, 24" merchant mill, 24" continuous mill and 35" intermediate blooming mill spanning 1913 to 1979.
  3. Steel Industry Rolling Stock CD. Engineering Drawings of hot metal cars, slag cars, blast furnace transfer and scale cars, coke quench car, ingot mold cars and locomotives from various steel plants.

The CDs sell for $20.00 each with $1.50 per order for shipping. All money generated from the sales go toward our continuing efforts to preserve steel industry artifacts at the Tod Engine Heritage Park. You can order by mail by sending a check to the Tod Engine Foundation, 2261 Hubbard Road, Youngstown, OH 44505 or by sending the money via paypal to

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