Friday, March 23, 2007

Moltrup Steel Products Salvage Project

During the week of March 12 I spent five days at the former Moltrup Steel Products Co. in Beaver Falls, PA removing equipment and items of historical interest both for the Youngstown Steel Heritage Park and for my employer. The plant is slated for demolition and this was a last ditch effort to save some interesting pieces of industrial history.

Here is a list of items acquired for the YSHP:

three large wood and cast iron carts
set of wooden double doors (these will become the front doors ofthe Tod Engine building)
3" steel round bar for Tod Engine foundation bolts
1" thick steel plate for the Tod Engine foundation project
3 ton spreader beam
4 ton beam trolley (for use on our Wallace gantry crane)
misc. smaller items, gauges, motors, etc.

Removal of the items was hampered by the fact that the "good stuff" was located on the second floor of a building whose elevator is not operational. That equipment was removed via an extended reach forklift through a hole in the wall.

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