Sunday, March 4, 2007

Historic GE 70 Tonners at Ellwood Engineered Castings

Idling between assignments, a very rare 1942 General Electric 70 ton center cab switcher peeks out of the melt shop door at Ellwood Engineered Castings in Hubbard, Ohio. This locomotive, number 6114B is living out her last days in active service. Sister locomotive 6114A suffered a mechanical failure a couple of years ago and is now permanently out of service. The two locomotives are due to be replaced by rebuilt GE 44 tonners, one of which has already been delivered and put in service. However there is a bright future in store for these two historic units, as they have been pledged to the Tod Engine Foundation for preservation. Once the second 44 tonner is delivered the two 70 tonners will be retired, donated and moved to our Heritage Park for perpetual display. One of the locomotives will be maintained in operable condition and provide DC power to drive some of our operating displays such as the 80 ton hot metal car and the electric drive on the Tod Engine. The two locomotive were built in 1942 for the New York Central and wore numbers 512 and 513. Later they were sold to Standard Slag in Youngstown and became number 40 and 41. Standard Slag later sold the units to Valley Mould & Iron and became 6114A and 6114B. Since these two locomotives have spent their entire lives together it is only fitting that they both be preserved and displayed together in retirement.

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