Saturday, June 30, 2007

Progress on Hot Metal Car Display

Slag is in place and we are ready for the ties and rail.

Ames Uniflow Engine

I recently took a trip to Camillus, NY to pick up parts for a 17" x 20" single cylinder uniflow stationary steam engine. Last year I brought a few of the parts back, this trip was to retrieve the bedplate, cylinder and half of the flywheel. That leave the other flywheel half and crankshaft still up there to bring back. Here is a picture of the parts arriving at the Tod Engine Heritage Park. What took us almost 8 hours to load using a chain fall and portable gantry took me 10 minutes to unload with the front end loader.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hot Metal Car Display Track

We had originally planned to display the 80 ton Treadwell hot metal car at the rear of the Park property, however it was decided to move it to the front of the property for display. At the new location it will be much more visible from the road and hopefully gain the attention of motorists driving by.

On Saturday June 16 Ken Izzo and I laid out railroad ties in a rectangle to form a curb around the new display track. Since the property slopes in this area much fill dirt was brought up and placed around the ties. The area between the ties will be filled in with stones and slag then the display track will be placed on top.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Tod Engine is Turning Green!

We have undertaken a major project to completely paint the engine for this summer to improve its appearance and protect it from the elements while it awaits construction of our new display building. The color chosen is Rustoleum Hunter Green which closely matches paint chips found on the engine. Earl in its life the engine was painted a dark green, then wore a lighter green before carrying various shades of grey and silver. Hunter Green is also a widely available color and is easy to obtain from our local hardware stores.

I have painted both cylinders and part of the HP bedplate so far and over the next few weeks will continue working at it until both bedplates are painted. Also during the summer we will reinstall many of the engine's smaller parts and try to eliminate the "field of parts" in the front yard of the Park.

I am asking that supporters consider making a $25 contribution to help pay for the paint. A gallon of Rustoleum primer and topcoat costs $25 each, and if all of our supporters just donated $25 each I can buy enough paint to finish this project without digging into the building fund. Please send a check to the Tod Engine Foundation, 2261 Hubbard Road, Youngstown, OH 44505 or you can do it via Paypal to