Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Sheet and Tube" Crawler Crane Joins Collection

Recently the Tod Engine Foundation purchased this 1950s Insley model K12 crawler crane. The crane has a capacity of 12 tons at 10 foot radius and a 40' boom. We decided to purchase the crane since we need an easier way to handle heavy objects at the Heritage Park, and it will also save us a great deal of money later this year when we begin erecting the enginehouse building. We have spent a total of approximately $2,000 on the crane including purchase price, cost of shipment and replacement parts.
An added benefit of having the crane is that it "fits" perfectly into our industrial themed museum project. All steel mills employed cranes similar to this one for a myriad of uses, including handling finished products, plant maintenance and general lifting duties. We thought that the crane would look appropriate painted in the Youngstown Sheet and Tube colors and wearing the ladle and arrow logo, although it does not have a YS&T lineage.

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coal said...

It's neat you have a Insley k12 crane.

Another Ohio group the hcrhp has a Insley L dragline. A owner of a heavy hauling and crane company in Ohio has a Insley k12 dragline, Insley k12 cablehoe, and a Insley L dragline.