Monday, February 9, 2009

New Tod Engine Youtube Channel

In our efforts to continue educating the people of the Mahoning Valley and the world about the industrial heritage of our fine area, the Tod Engine Foundation has created a Youtube channel where I have begun to upload various videos and films of interest. My favorite is a film (with an unforgettable soundtrack) about steelmaking at the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Campbell Works in the 1920s. Also online is the 1984 documentary "Shout Youngstown". I also shot much home video in the 1990s and am posting some of those videos as well. You can watch as I toured the Jeannette Blast Furnace and coke plant, had a chance encounter that put me in the right place at the right time when the Ohio Works ore bridges were felled, and another chance encounter that netted me a cab ride on the Lake Erie and Eastern Railroad a couple years before it too disappeared.

So go to: and enjoy the videos!


Janko said...

all good stuff!

thanks for uploading all of this.

Tyler said...

I've enjoyed watching these. Thanks.