Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saving a Bit of the Weirton Engine

For the past year I've been working with Arcelor Mittal Weirton, Inc. to save some parts from the United Tod blooming mill engine at Weirton, WV. Recenly our request was granted and so far I've spent three days at Weirton gathering up parts from the engine.

Sadly we cannot save the entire engine, so it was decided that a few representative pieces would make a good exhibit at the Tod Engine Heritage Park. Those pieces include one of the tail rod support castings, the Shutte & Koerting engine emergency stop apparatus, lubrication fittings and lines, and two new sets of main rod bearings.
Some of the parts will be incorporated into a blooming mill engine exhibit. Other parts, such as the lube fittings will be used in the restoration of our Tod Engine. One set of the main bearing liners will be used to supply us with new babbitt metal, quite useful when we go to reline our engine's babbitt lined connecting rods.
The eventual scrapping of the blooming mill engine means that only our Tod Engine and the 50" x 60" Mackintosh Hemphill engine owned by Steel Industry Heritage, Inc. will survive as examples of steel industry rolling mill engines.

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