Friday, November 16, 2007

MVRHA's Steel Industry Collection

The Mahoning Valley Railroad Heritage Association in Youngstown, OH has amassed quite a sizeable collection of steel industry railroad equipment. Included in their collection are:
YS&T 17 Pollock slag ladle car
YS&T 21 Treadwell 125 ton hot metal car (rebuilt by Pollock 1973)
YS&T 23 Treadwell 125 ton hot metal car
Sharon Steel 9 Atlas blast furnace transfer car
Pollock open top hot metal car
Sharon Steel ingot mold car
PRR ore jenny
YS&T 4 wheeled diesel electric locomotive
I'll add photos of those other cars when I can get them. The MVRHA is currently working on establishing a rail museum on Poland Avenue in Youngstown.

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